Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the gourmet kitchen

A lot of people enroll in gourmet cooking classes and learn the many ways to prepare gourmet meals.  Many of them take things a step further and incorporate it permanently into their daily routines.  Some aspiring gourmet chefs even go so far as to have their homes renovated to make room for a gourmet kitchen.

And that’s a good thing, according to gourmet chef and world traveler John DenBoer. Having a gourmet kitchen at home enhances the experience of cooking, making it easier and more enjoyable.

However, gourmet kitchens require a number of essential things. 

First off, there’s the large refrigerator with a freezer.  This appliance should be able to hold enough of the stocked ingredients.  Then, there are, of course, the ovens and multi-burner stovetops, both of which should be of the highest quality one can afford.  Gourmet kitchens also need to have a strong ventilation system that recirculates the air.  There are calculations for this.  And finally, one of the most basic features of a gourmet kitchen is the gourmet kitchen island with a prep sink.

John DenBoer mentions that size is important for gourmet kitchens as it should be able to hold everything a gourmet chef needs, from the equipment to the ingredients, to the tools.  But it should also be designed in such a way that when the person is cooking, especially on the stovetops, they can reach of anything he or she needs, or at the very least, take minimal time to acquire them.

John DenBoer notes that it’s also important for people to know what they love cooking and what they’ll be cooking most.  He mentions that people who cook mostly vegetables have different needs from people who cook mostly fish or people who cook mostly meat.