Cook at Home

There are several reasons why people should consider cooking at home rather than buying food outside, getting delivery food, or eating out. For one, it can be a whole lot cheaper. Secondly, a person will be aware of the ingredients they put in their meal, which makes keeping with their diet a lot easier. And thirdly, it can help develop one’s culinary creativity. Gourmet chef John DenBoer believes that cooking gourmet dishes at home can be achieved if one has the patience and the curiosity to try new things. Here are some easy to cook gourmet meals for home cooking.

Cajun Seafood Pasta: Cajun dishes aren’t the most difficult to cook, but they are worth the time preparing. It’s a good departure from the typical tomato-based pasta and brings a new kind of spice to the regular seafood meal. Seafood lovers can spoil themselves silly by adding extra scallops and shrimps. One can also experiment on the types of cheeses they want to put in if Swiss cheese isn’t their thing.

Pork chop in garlic mushroom sauce: Some folks find it hard to believe that they can have something fancy done right at their kitchen. What’s even more surprising, notes chef John DenBoer is that one can prepare and cook everything in just 30 minutes. Savory, tender, and visually stunning, the pork chop in garlic mushroom sauce is that dish one will find themselves enjoying every bit, from the aroma down to the last bite.

Gourmet pub burgers: Sometimes, one looks forward to a nice meal while friends are over. Gourmet pub burgers are a staple during nights out, so why not make them at home? According to John DenBoer, one can mix and match standard burger ingredients and come up with new combinations. Highly customizable, easily filling, and great for any day of the week, these gourmet burgers can turn one’s ordinary weeknight into laid back chill night.