John DenBoer is a gourmet chef who has traveled all around the world, tasting and learning about local cuisines.  From the deserts, grasslands, and forests of Africa to the highlands and lowlands of South and Central America to the mountains and grassy plains of Europe and North America, John has visited them all and savored every gastronomical trip.  But from all the countries he has stayed in and from all the dishes that he has enjoyed, John picks the Asian cuisine as his favorite.  In fact, he has traveled all over Asia to study from the locals how they prepare food for their families and guests.  Among his most favorite dishes are Indonesia’s beef rendang and Kyrgyzstan’s paloo.

John DenBoer also loves to try all kinds of food that some people deem exotic and rare, sometimes even dangerous.  While some of these dishes such as the Philippines’ balut, Iceland’s hakarl , and Sardinia, Italy’s casu marzu are not for the faint of heart,  John believes tasting these exotic delicacies is one way of learning about a place and its culture.

When not traveling, John DenBoer holds private classes to groups of students on gourmet cooking.  He shares some of the best recipes that he has learned through his travels to people who may not have had the chance to learn them elsewhere.  Along with his beloved recipes, John also imparts valuable insights on gourmet cooking, such as the essential tools and equipment people need in their kitchen.

Nowadays, John has taken to the internet to come up with a series of blogs where he writes about his passion for food from all over the world.  Through his blogs, he hopes to inspire his readers to not only travel to the world but to taste and enjoy the different exotic and popular dishes they will come across on their journey.